Affordable Spit Braai Hire and Catering Services in Durban

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Affordable Spit Braai Hire and Catering Services in Durban

If you are holding a party or organising an event the catering is always a tricky part to get right. You want something that all your guests will enjoy – young or old – and nothing beats a traditional outdoor spit braai. The only problem is the equipment is expensive, but by taking advantage of our range of hire and catering services you can be sure of the best equipment at the right price. Spit Braai Durban offers a choice of simply hiring the equipment or engaging us to do the catering – the choice is yours.

Should you choose to hire the equipment only that’s great; we will provide you with well maintained top quality spit braai equipment, delivered to your address and set up ready for use. Most clients choose to use our catering service too, especially when it comes to larger events. With our expert spit braai chefs doing your cooking you are assured of superb food at a great price, and you can settle back and enjoy the party or event with your guests. We have plenty of experience, and we know the best recipes to keep people happy.

If you are holding a large event we can add a further section to the package: thanks to our experience in the field we have access to the very best and most impressive venues suitable for spit braai events in Durban, so we can organise everything for you. It’s a great way of taking a lot of the worry off your hands, and we are well known for excellent service. Whether you want to engage us for the full service or simply hire the equipment you can see our excellent prices by filling in the online quote request form, and we will get back to you very soon with the best price in the business.


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